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​We promote complete and total wellness along with economic empowerment through positive mental, physical & financial education.

​Our clients are located nationwide​. We assist our clients with achieving holistic life enhancements. We do this by providing unique resources while recommending the appropriate tools​ that contribute to the overall mental, physical and financial health of individuals who are seeking to improve their lives and impact generations to come.

After careful and intense research, TheWellnessDepot.org has identified a group of products and services that have proven to be beneficial to the overall wellness associated with life processes. We have taken the liberty of creating bundles of these products and services that match your individual needs, and connecting you with those needed to implement your Success Plan. Feel free to examine each service, but please be advised that all​ of our services are a part of the total healing package. In an effort to give you the best service possible, we ask that you take advantage of our complimentary Life Assessment Session. This will help us evaluate your current needs and choose the ​right path to begin your journey to total wellness.


 Tamanika Oda

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The working class rarely if ever notices the direct correlation between their Health and Wealth. You don’t have to be wealthy to have a Wealth Plan. You don’t have to be Healthy to have a Health Plan. You just need the desire to implement! We uncover the hidden secrets that are stopping you from becoming the success you’re destined to be, and connect you with the products and services you need to upgrade your life from an uninformed consumer, to Becoming Your Own Bank!

How Can We Serve You?

Healthy Mind

“Either your mind will start to expand to match your goals; or your goals will start to shrink to match your mind!” Mr. Haziq Ali is a world rewound Revenue Acceleration Coach that will build your mind to build your business!Click here to connect to our daily affirmation calls and order your complimentary affirmation tool kit!

Healthy Muscles

Dis-ease shows up in your body in many different ways.  We are here to heal you from your crown, down! Our licensed and certified wellness professionals provide facials, massages, body scrubs, male and female steaming, Ionic Foot Detox Soaks and more. Allow us to help you in your wellness journey today!

Healthy Money

The #1 cause of stress & illness in our community is worry over money. In just one Success Session, we can help you devise a personal financial strategy customized for your lifestyle. Then connect you with the products and services you need to implement your plan today!
Did you know one hour of Massage is like your body getting 8 hours of sleep? Revitalize your body! Reset your mind!
(We provide house calls!)

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